Applications for hashing is still available in the Google Play Store


Applications for hashing is still available in the Google Play Store

Despite a recent ban, some applications for the mining of cryptocurrencies are still in Google Play.

In July, Google updated the policies of the publications of the apps in the Play Store, banning the placement in the catalogue of programs for the extraction of digital currencies using the processors of mobile devices and applications to promote ICO, cryptocurrency wallets and tips on trading.

The developers had one month to change the principles of cooperation with Google to remove the app from the store.

Recently it became known that, despite the ban, many applications with which you can mine digital currency on a smartphone, such as Free BCH Mine, and AA MinerGate Miner, still available for download. It is assumed that the developers said Google about the changes and disable hashing, according to the updated requirements of the company but have not deleted the application for mining cryptocurrency for mobile devices.

In the Play Store also remained such applications for mining, as the Crypto Miner PRO Bitcoin Miner, NeoNeonMiner, Pickaxe Miner and Miner Pocket.

Banning Google became known immediately after similar restrictions imposed by Apple in the AppStore. According to the companies, these restrictions are aimed at protecting smartphone users from downloading illegal scripts or malware that lead to rapid ageing of processors and mobile phone batteries.

We will remind, in may, the virus had been found-miner mshelper, which has engaged the resources of Apple devices for mining Monero.

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