As an ad network to manipulate our mind


As an ad network to manipulate our mind

She knows you better than your friends and family, always watching you and hears every word. No, the answer here is not paranoia, but what lies behind the innocent name of “contextual advertising”. Tell how targeting works, what advertising network can learn about the user directly and how to prevent them to do it. That will be known through calculations and comparisons.

A frightening event

A few years ago, a father of a family from the Midwest of America has filed a lawsuit against Amazon for what ad network do this, the world’s largest online retailer began persistently to show his underage daughter offers products for pregnant women. That’s only until they were preparing for trial, it became clear that she really expected birth of the child. By the way, later, the goods for newborns “smart advertising” also began to show her just in time. How does it work?

Algtime from data collection to algorithms of human behavior

The fact that the algorithms based on which network what is called “contextual advertising” collect vast amounts of information about the actions of each user. They often, in addition, have the opportunity on a partnership or on a commercial basis to apply to data collected in a database other systems of contextual advertising.

The more users and the more action they consistently make, the higher the probability that, based on the collected information, the system will be able to “build” a logical chain, the algorithms that will say: if the visitor has performed a certain action or made a request, he probably belongs to one category or another. A further user actions allow you to narrow the scope, making everything more accurate, targeted and targeted, all the more precisely targeted the same “context”, a concept which describes the advertising technology.

Yet, until in the assessment of user actions and development of subsequent scenarios of possible customer behaviour is still very loosely involved in the neural network. Too early to call the modern development of “artificial intelligence”, although many now do not shy away from this definition. The emphasis when building contextual links is done on the data, according to which “targetroot” — that is, speaking in Russian “aims at” their prospective buyers the marketing companies that promote their products and services through a particular advertising network.

The paradox about the limits of privacy

An interesting paradox is that under the law of most developed countries, the advertising network of this type may not collect information about the person targeted — it would be a direct invasion of privacy. Moreover, in many AGLOCO the world, for example, in Russia the laws are so strict that even when you are asked to enter your e-mail service must obtain your explicit consent to the notorious “personal data processing”.

This is done, of course, not for the sake of your privacy or protection of private rights and freedoms. The real control of this area is available for up security at train stations and airports with the help of a metal detector and having to check under the insole of a Shoe. Exclusively to the bureaucratic apparatus had the ability to accredit each and every as a so-called “operators” of these “personal data”. However, as you know, for networks this is very important: contextual advertising in such conditions can not step over a certain line and turn into targeted marketing.

It would seem that it turns out that advertising networks don’t know you personally. You for them only part of the averaged data about users of a certain age, sex and social status with these or other preferences or interests.

But, on the one hand the accuracy of the adjustment of the systems of contextual targeting is very large, many of them have sufficient flexibility in order to narrow turhenievka so, to describe these “average” data will be just a few people or even only one person.

Many have heard how you can set up a demonstration of job offers straight to the office of a competitor, but there is a story about a young man who posted in the social network Vkontakte ads with an invitation to the show and customize it so that this banner only saw the girl, arrange a date with which he had intended.

Friends, issues or actions required: the basis on which to judge itself ad network

Depending on which data you, for the most part, has access to the ad network or platform inof such it relies.

Google’s search engine collects information about which queries make the users in the search engine and the sites using it obestochennye algorithms. Rumor has it that other services of the Corporation Google, which includes search engine is also not averse to data collection, but one hundred percent confirmed information about the fact that Google’s advertising network draws something out of your correspondence or queries to the service GoogleTranslator translation is still there.

But the fact that, as creators and owners of the largest operating system for mobile devices, Alphabet collect voice information through the microphone of Android smartphones to doubt almost not necessary. There are too many confirmations. To access the microphone and camera can and many other applications. They are also able to do this in their Mercantile purposes, then to show the user ads that suits him. This, of course, is not a reason to stick a camera and microphone to pick out, but to know and remember about how it works really should.

Valuable data for ad networks is geolocation. It allows businesses that are based near you geographically, to contact you as a potential client using the resources of the advertising network.

Online shops like Amazon collect data on committed by user requests, select them in the selection of the filters and ultimately purchases. Based on this information, they can create completely customized proposals and the benefit they have now source of information about the users ‘ communications — home device Amazon Alexa, acting as the voice system administration smart home and Internet of things (IoT).

Social network Facebook on a global scale, WeChat in China or Vkontakte in Russia and Russian-speaking countries, relied primarily on information about the social ties of its users. In addition, VK has access to a wide range of data about user interests, Facebook, through integration with Instagram — get more information about the geography of the movements of their advertising leads, as WeChat does, ignoring accepted in the rest of the civilized world by moral constraints integrated with obschekitayskom social ranking, being her full part of it, and therefore, potentially, having access to such private data as, for example, credit history and information about the penalties for improper driving.

Not for nothing around Facebook in the past year amid paradoxical to many American elections sparked such furious scandal. It turned out that the promotional mechanisms of the largest social network is very susceptible to abuse, allowing the waves of the so-called “Olga trolls” significantly undermine the confidence of ordinary American citizens to Facebook.

However, actually the problem is not the imbalance of the network, and that it is indeed a tool of manipulation. In his speech on the show Last Week Tonight host – comedian John Oliver created a video based on the lines of protecting members of the social network, which they used to prove his innocence before the society in the us Congress. Jokes-jokes, but what govorit John Oliver still a bitter truth and a reason to laugh over the situation in which we all together found themselves in. Video was the answer (and in many ways a parody) was released in mid-spring 2018, when Facebook faced in another round of accusations that the British company Cambridge Analytica engaged in “online propaganda and political technologies by the standards of the XXI century” official promotional video social network, which said that its users had to face “spam, climbathon, fake news and misuse of data”, but all that will soon change.

Answer by Oliver — sarcastic argument that user data for the social network, no more than a resource that enables her to earn, what is the main purpose of Facebook. In the video, ending with a loud slogan “Facebook: your identity belongs to us”, says: “Your data has allowed us to obtain a huge pile of money from corporations, application developers, and political campaigns Then we found out that your uncle is associated with the Ku Klux clan. And you know what? We realized that we can earn more money and this too.” Hard as love on the American Comedy-satirical scene, but truthfully.

We already mentioned at the beginning of this material technology that allows you to escape from advertising even moving away from the TV and turning on your smartphone is based on a combination of solutions for voice recognition and phone use and affiliate programs that exist between TV channels and the largest advertising platforms of the global network. Also found numerous other, equally unexpected high-tech solutions designed to sell, sell and again sell the goods and services, should you only be thinking about them.

Actually, this is all, of course, very convenient. You don’t need to explain where you are looking for the best in sports clothing, or products for animals. The place is known to the system. Your household forgot to make a list of products that you need to bring from the store — not a problem, is listening in on the morning conversation over Breakfast, she will remind you about. Here are all of these advertising technologies fit into the life too much.

This is not something we are accustomed to — on the background of the banners, offering goods that you’ll need tomorrow, the flickering of television clips, giant roadside billboards, and Intrusive ads on the pillars look very innocent. Modern advertising immerses you into the abyss of information overload, disables critical thinking and perception and gets in the nervous system.

Many philosophers and public intellectuals of our time are increasingly talking about the advent of the “end of privacy” when the person becomes a transparent glass, and private life as a phenomenon disappears. Others, echoing them say that humanity needs to finally adapt to the conditions created by him heavily loaded information environment to evolve further as a species, overcoming the shackles of Homo sapiensa and rushing to the new ideal of post-human of the information age.

Any of these views nor been close to you, you think that you will agree with the idea that too let in your personal space advertising power of multinational corporations is a bad idea.

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