As democratizare darknet cybercrime


As democratizare darknet cybercrime

Annual losses from cybercrime in the tens of billions of dollars. Today, hackers-beginners very simple to grab a piece of this tasty cake. To do this, simply buy some bitcoins, put free ON and completely forget about ethics.

Recent studies of pricing in the market darknet show that the powerful malicious software, ready-made phishing page, the password crackers for popular brands and an incredible set of tools for cyber attacks you can purchase for a few dollars.

Malicious programs and tools are easy to purchase anonymously, but you know the latter-day hackers how to use them and not get caught? Unfortunately, I know.

In the past, such knowledge was required many years of experience and recognition by cyber communities. Now they are available in the form of a series of walkthroughs for a nominal fee.


Recently, a team of researchers studied thousands of ads on the five major black markets in the darknet (Dream, Point, Wall Street, Market, Market and Berlusconi Empire) and built the price index Dark Web Market Price Index. The results show that in recent years, shadow economy has become much more accessible, and existed before the barriers to entry disappeared.

Encrypted sites, access to which can be accessed using the Tor browser allow you to anonymously sell tools for hacking and other goods — such as drugs, stolen information, and weapons.


One of the most dangerous products was the remote access Trojans (RAT). They can be bought on average for $9,74.

This type of malware allows hackers to remotely control victims ‘ computers. They can log all keystrokes, open protected files, steal user data and even watching them via web cameras.

For example, darknet available known Blackshades Trojan that has infected over half a million devices (its Creator is serving a sentence in prison). It also allows you to connect computers into a network of bots.

In addition, the authors found the RAT to the Android OS. Some of the malware was written in Python and Visual Basic.


Phishing remains one of the most common attacks in cyberspace, it is not surprising that enterprising hackers ready to sell the page-counterfeiting of popular brands and websites. Offers range from Apple and Netflix to Walmart, Dunkin’ Donuts, Minecraft and League of Legends.

The average cost of a phishing pages is $2 — with the exception of Apple. Fake site well-known manufacturer of smartphones will cost $5. This distribution of prices shows how highly valued information Apple users in the cyber crime community.

Manual phishing will cost the rookie only $2,49.

Hacking passwords

Now beginners do not even have to customize programs to crack passwords to attack a target site.

Ready-made configuration files to the innumerable list of sites can be purchased for just $2. All you need to hacker attack — like SNIPR or Sentry MBA and some of these files.

For example, in the darknet, the authors found a huge list of accounts from the Spotify website, produced with the help of these tools.

Supercheap hacking

Among other cheap tools for hacking turned out to be keyloggers (keyloggers, us $2.07), software for hacking wifi ($3), Bluetooth ($3.48 million) and malware to steal bitcoins from wallets ($6,07).

The study authors noted the disturbing trend of transition to full services in the shadow economy. Competition is great, and some of the tools available in a conventional Network. Their developers promise full customer support, lifetime warranty and free guide. In some cases there are also discounts for the next purchase.

Integrated solutions

Latter-day crooks are willing to spend a little more, unable to deal with forgery of official documents, their buying patterns and average $14.

Photoshop files that go along with detailed guidelines for the production of maximally convincing fakes. The buyer is to enter personal data. Available templates of various official documents, from passports/driver’s license and ending with utility bills and receipts.

Together with personal data of ordinary people, bought on the darknet, it is enough to apply for a loan/credit card.

In fact, the darknet black markets offer a complete solution for anyone who seeks to learn how to commit identity theft and use them for later scams in the network, simultaneously providing the intruders all the necessary tools.

For example, you can access the anonymous mailbox to make purchases in online stores for resale or refund. The service will cost hacker $150, however it is a small price to pay for security and anonymity.

Additionally, the darknet has a wide selection of guides, detailing the hidden use of the postal system (the average cost is $3.35 in).

What to do with it?

What does all this mean? First of all, it is impossible to return released the Genie in

bottle. To replace one which closed the black market come two new. Only in the United States in 2017 hackers in total kidnapped 16.8 billion dollars. The temptation to snatch a piece from this amount is too large, and it will only grow.

As consumers, we must begin to take seriously the protection of their personal data. This will help secure passwords, two-factor authentication, minimal use of payment information in Network services for the protection of privacy, etc.

We must remember the priority of security and move on to other solutions if the existing reliability is questionable.

The developers must put safety above convenience, and to force users to adhere to the highest standards of protection, whether they like it or not. Security should be a huge advantage and selling point.

If this idealistic goal seems convincing enough, think about the GDPR. This is the General regulations on the protection of personal data, developed by the EU. For the failure of the law and lack of integration of data protection “by design and default,” in services and products companies face a fine of 10 million euros or 2% of the total turnover.

Cybersecurity and digital privacy must initially be a priority when developing new products and services.

If we can consolidate these values in popular culture, all the cheap tools on the darknet will become useless in the hands of the vast majority of hackers.

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