As the Syrian Kurdistan plans to strengthen the independence of using the cryptocurrency and blockchain


As the Syrian Kurdistan plans to strengthen the independence of using the cryptocurrency and blockchain

Democratic Federation of Northern Syria, also known as Syrian Kurdistan or Rozhava, one of the legends of our time. This self-proclaimed and de facto self-governing Federal education in the North of Syria. On the establishment of the Federation of Northern Syria was announced on 17 March 2016, although the actual autonomy of the region was gained back in 2012 during the civil war.

Officially Rozhava — secular polity (community), based on confederalists the principles of democratic socialism, libertarian of municipalism, direct democracy, gender equality and sustainability. It’s kind of an attempt to implement advanced theories of social order, therefore, not surprising that many are watching rozhavskiy experiment.

Nor is it surprising that Rozhava seeks to implement blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, which is seen as a means to enhance autonomy and sovereignty.

In Syria for many years, starting in the spring of 2011, a bloody war, which involved many parties. Syrian Kurds enter the U.S.-backed Syrian Alliance of democratic forces fighting against President Bashar al-Assad and his allies. This position led to the fact that Rozhava is under economic sanctions by Syria, Turkey, Iraq and Iran. Accordingly, the international trade to local merchants is complicated. In addition, Rojave walks the Syrian pound is the currency of the country in which the autonomy is in a state of war.

Naturally, local residents are not satisfied with the status quo. The head of the state program of technological development Rozhava Arselan of Sedam says:

We do not wish to use money of the Syrian government and intend to put the entire trade on their own cryptocurrency.

The situation is worsened by the devaluation of the Syrian pound (SYP). If at the beginning of the war for the US dollar gave 47 SYP, on 11 October this year — 515 SYP. As Rozhava and the rest of Syria is experiencing the strongest economic downturn. Rozhava been investing heavily in processing Fiat currency, and the locals are forced to lose large sums, carrying out commercial transactions.

The view that the economy of the autonomy is able to help cryptocurrency shares bitcoin developer Amir Taak, whose interview was previously published on our website. Talented programmer, who during the war took up arms, said that the local currency exchanges to add support for bitcoin, and all the inhabitants Rozhava should ensure that mobile phones and electronic wallets.

According to Taak, these steps will relieve the population Rozhava from having to use a continuously depreciating Syrian pound and will allow you to circumvent sanctions. He says:

Now transaction with Istanbul costs 10%! We believe that cryptocurrency will enable us to reduce this figure to 2%, and not only in the calculations with Istanbul, and the scale of the entire planet.

If a distribution of all residents Rozhava (which, according to rough estimates, about 4 million) of mobile phones seemed too ambitious a plan, another offer Taak is to create paper money, tied to the cryptocurrency, can serve as the perfect solution. He says:

Not everyone has a cell, so we believe it is important to consider the appropriateness of such paper money.

Along with bitcoin as a national currency Rozhava in the air the idea of creating local currency. The basis of the economy of the autonomy lies with the cooperative system: they function agriculture, health, media. Taak believes that the needs of these cooperatives can even create more than one crypto-currencies:

The cooperatives can trade with each other using cryptocurrency pegged to a basket of consumer goods or simply in a free market swimming.

The focus is Rozhava and technology of the blockchain, potentially contributing to the creation of a secure and transparent democratic system. Arsalan Angry says:

The blockchain allows us to create a network linking all municipalities, we intend to create in the future. Thanks to the blockchain, we will be able to come to savadminservice. All roles in society are distributed.

According to the materials of Bitcoin News

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