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The Founder Of The about why the number of vacancies in the field of cryptocurrency and blockchain will continue to grow.

The market is in place, the interest in bitcoin is falling, and a feeling that after the winter hype the topic of cryptocurrencies and blockchain eroding. All graphs show a decline, except one — the number of vacancies in our industry.

Technologies for decentralized future — in completely different sectors of the economy. And this is the future we need someone to build. Therefore if you are thinking about choosing or changing careers — welcome.

As in any technological sector — the ball is ruled by programmers. The architects of the blockchain, cryptocurrencies, developers of applications under different operating systems…

Existing projects require development, and new ones appearing every day — fresh blood. The number of outstanding vacancies will rise, and staff shortages will be a major brake on further development of the industry.

Free shots are snapping up like hotcakes. Then, as now, the infrastructure looks more like MVP (minimum viable product), to a full product as the moon, and perhaps you will help him to be there.

For those who like iron, is mining. The debate about its current profitability will leave for later — issued equipment, new farm, there are attempts to revive cloud mining. All of this requires the hands of engineers who understand what it means to “Hasrat” and are willing to understand the new hardware.

There are new crypto-currencies, there are discussions about what is better — ASIC or GPU. If you understand this — work will be.

Earned cryptocurrency need to realize. Trade is not for everyone, especially the exchange and to encourage everyone to go to the traders would be weird. The chances of losing much more than money.

But if your work is somehow connected with traditional money, it is worth pondering to switch to modern assets. All banks around the world are looking in this direction and almost think to create their own cryptocurrency.

So if you suddenly decide to retrain — employment problems should not be. Stock exchange, Depository, storage of cryptocurrencies appear before our eyes. And if the first (in the background the boring of the market) trying to optimize staff — the rest are ready to hire.

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Individual workers ‘ revolution has occurred among lawyers and lawyers. Regulators daily generate laws, regulations, recommendations, etc. Somewhere recognize cryptocurrency, and somewhere in there, allowed to the ICO and publish the relevant documents — or, conversely, forbid and threaten criminal penalties.

Regardless of your specialization, whether it is criminal law or international, if you add the magic word “cryptocurrency” and “blockchain” — this can greatly increase the demand for you on the market. In the end, without a good lawyer today, you cannot run a single project.

A year ago, the mention of the word “blockchain” could lift not only shares, but also the demand for specialist. Today, the situation has not changed, and profile jobs there are in related professions.

In addition to the programmers who write the code, you need designers, copywriters, project managers — structure of the blockchain startups is no different from regular IT-project, with the exception of the amendments on the business specifics. No matter what position you may hold, to understand what bitcoin is different from air, and what is the difference between Proof-of-Stake and Proof-of-Work, is still required.

To study the subject and understand what it is like today is not a problem: universities worldwide have launched educational programs. You can learn everything in any available form, that offline that online.

From Finance to blockchain: 10 free online courses

In fact, the abundance of courses indirectly confirms all the most interesting still ahead, and we must prepare now. When the market will turn around and go up — demand for those who understands a little about what is happening, will continue to grow.

For those who don’t know how to program, but knows how to write — there are media. Despite the problems of the industry, the need for information is, there are new media, new media products. In addition to direct analysis of the quotes in the world of the blockchain there’s a bunch of events that need to study, analyze, and pass on.

Really quality publications are not so much professional information products — and less. So if you are fascinated by the subject — start writing, interest in your efforts will not go unnoticed.

By and large, no matter what industry you’re in now — with high probability, the blockchain will come and go. Storage of personal data, the Internet of things, logistics, medicine, energy and oil production, the state and private business, banks, payment systems, financial services…

It is difficult to imagine the direction in which have not tried to use the blockchain. If that attempt is not successful — no matter, they will likely not be the last. It’s only the beginning.

Cryptocurrencies and the blockchain to make noise in the past year. Some people perceive it as a threat, others as an opportunity. Scientists have proven the technology works. And even if interest in it, at first sight, fell, it is necessary to understand — what we have now is a prototype. First not very numerous decisions only appear adult and the big market even as the moon, but maybe it will help you to be there.

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