Asia Gets Its First Map Crypto Visa


Asia Gets Its First Map Crypto Visa

Easy conversion

The fact that the players and developers kriptonyte working around the clock to find simple ways of overcoming the apparent gap between the cryptographic world and the financial market to make it easier for people to convert Fiat into critobulus and back.

Today, a new development entered the market, it’s more than just a tool for digital currency conversion. With the help of new cryptographic crypto cards Visa hold will be able to have access to credit in fiat currency, using their assets in a digital asset as collateral.

Hong Kong company officially known as Monaco, managed to knock the application for a license to prepare 100 000 cryptographic cards Visa. Card production will be launched within the next two months, Singapore will be the starting point, followed by the rest of the Asian continent. As mentioned, besides using Visa crypto hold also applied for a license to expand their business to include kryptonsite service credit.

CEO Chris Marsalek said a few good words for cryptomonadales, saying that these cards will bring peace of mind to users as they can easily convert their digital assets into Fiat when I want to. In addition, Visa crypto hold eliminate tedious and sometimes complex processes that currently inconvenience of cryptodermatinae on the trading floors and exchanges. Chris also noted that not all exchanges actually support cryptocurrency conversion. Visa hold crypto will solve this issue once and for all.

Access to credit with crypto

One very remarkable fact about these cryptographic visas – on user privileges access to credit using their cryptocurrency as collateral. The user of the crypto cards Visa hold will be able to access loans of up to 60% of the value of their digital assets. Will not be conducted any background checks and will not be considered a credit rating or credit history – in contrast to what the centralized banks.

In crypto hold a Visa will be taken into account leading cryptocurrencies – BTC, ETH, BNB, MCO and LTC. Will be involved 7 foreign exchange rates: dollar, Hong Kong dollar and Singapore dollar, etc. This event promotes the wide dissemination of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency in General.

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