Associated with Craig Wright mining pools control more than 50% Hasrat of Bitcoin Cash


Two related with Craig Wright mining pool — Pool Coingeek and BMG — received more than 50% control hasraton of Bitcoin Cash. At certain moments the total capacity of both pools reached 58%. It is reported Trustnodes.

BMG Pool directly belongs to Australian Wright, while the nominal owner Coingeek is no less notorious canadian Calvin Eyre close ties with Wright.

Again acutely the question of the centralization of Bitcoin mining Cash. Some media, including Trustnodes, suggest the possibility of collusion of the owners of the pools for the attack 51% on the network. In particular, in this case, there is a possibility of double-spending of coins, which, consequently, will force the exchange to increase the number of required confirmations of transactions.

At the same time, there is an assumption that control over half of the Bitcoin network Hasrat Cash — only “muscle-flexing” in anticipation of hard forks, scheduled for November. It is expected that the Bitcoin Cash will be divided into three cryptocurrencies — BitcoinSV (a special version of Craig Wright), ABC Bitcoin and Bitcoin to Cash (which will remain unchanged).

We will remind, the other day we talked about the fact that mining of bitcoin is becoming more decentralized. If summer pools, Bitmain controlled nearly 51% Hasrat in the network, the first cryptocurrency, and now this figure dropped to 29.4%.

Craig Wright is a 45-year-old entrepreneur from Australia. In 2016, stated that he is the Creator of bitcoin Satoshi Nakamoto, but was unable to provide any evidence. It is often said that Bitcoin Cash — this is the “true bitcoin”.

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