Australia got its own cryptocurrency capital with big ambitions


Australia got its own cryptocurrency capital with big ambitions

The second largest state in Australia NSW, in an effort to attract tourists to the region, draws attention to the cryptocurrency. The state capital of Brisbane has declared itself a new cryptocurrency capital of Australia: recently, the city government announced a substantial grant for a start-up, which will give guests the opportunity to pay for all the components of his visit cryptocurrencies.

Startup TravelbyBit received two tranches of subsidies from the state government. On these means it turned the city into one of the most friendly to cryptocurrency in the world.

TravelbyBit is one of 70 startups that receive grants from the organization Advance Queensland Ignite Ideas. The head and founder of TravelbyBit Caleb Yeoh said received the $100,000 will help the company lay in Queensland a solid business Foundation.

System for the sale of digital currency TravelbyBit already used by more than 200 entrepreneurs across Australia, and at least 60% of them live in Queensland.

TravelByBit previously entered into an agreement with the international Brisbane airport, through which travelers had the opportunity to pay in cryptocurrency startups through the platform. Announced in January 2018, the plan was implemented in may. Brisbane airport is the first in the world to accept the cryptocurrency, allowing travelers to make purchases for bitcoin, litecoin, and Ethereum to more than 30 restaurants and shops.

The second largest and third populous state of Australia, surely leads to the proliferation of cryptocurrencies. So, the commercial enterprise of the local Spa town of Agnes water has started to accept payments in digital currencies, in an effort to attract tourists, druzhaschego with advanced technologies.

The center of conferences and exhibitions in Brisbane also intends to give visitors the opportunity to pay for the events of digital currencies.

The Minister of innovation and tourism Queensland Kate Jones is considering cryptocurrency as a vital “center of gravity, designed to attract to Queensland more tourists.” Jones said in an interview with Gizmodo:

We invested to help TravelbyBit scale operations and, ultimately, to create Queensland jobs.

Chapter TravelbyBit noticed that the main reason why there is a growing interest in the cryptocurrency is that the latter is deprived of the security flaws inherent in credit cards. Caleb Yeoh, in particular, said:

In digital currencies, privacy is a means of security control; I translate the firm a certain amount, and the owner is not able to withdraw more funds from my account.

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