Australian officials have not found the unique advantages of the blockchain


Australian officials have not found the unique advantages of the blockchain

The Agency’s digital transformation Australia (DTA) has spent 700 thousand Australian dollars (about $500 thousand) to study the blockchain. Unique competitive advantages the new technology could not be found, but the budget is fully developed.

DTA has concluded that the blockchain, despite the fact that located on the crest of the wave of hype, currently not too effective in virtually all sectors related to public services where it is offered to use.

Not that he was basically useless, just existing technology that the blockchain is supposed to replace, cope with the challenges before them no worse, and often and more effectively.

The state Agency has bothered to learn the blockchain not just — the Australian government has allocated for this purpose, funding in the amount of $0.5 million the project involved the study of the benefits of using the blockchain in the field of public services, spheres of technology development in General, potential problems that can be solved with its help and the willingness of government bodies to use it.

However, encouraging news on the results of studies from DTA not found. “Our position today, if we talk about the preliminary conclusion is that the blockchain technology is certainly interesting and worth studying, — said the head of digital directions DTA Peter Alexander. But now, without standardization and a serious revision of the existing solutions, in every field that implies the use of the blockchain already exists more efficient technology.”

“We do not say that the blockchain there is no potential, but without standardization, it becomes quite fragmented, he added. — When the blockchain will be standardized, its use will increase significantly”.

Alexander also drew attention to the fact that the hype around the blockchain created not the government, not the providers and not users, and suppliers blockchain solutions.

However, for the sake of completeness it should be noted that not all Australian officials share this opinion. As reported previously, Hash#Telegraph, in Australia, initiated work on the establishment of the National Ledger. The initiative came from the State Association scientific and applied research Australia (CSIRO) — the organization is not only very respectable, but quite public, as the name implies.

One of the pilot projects implemented with the filing of the CSIRO, in fact, provides for the creation of the cryptocurrency, albeit available to certain categories of the population, namely, disabled Australians of all ages.

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