Baidu has published documentation of its blockchain XuperChain


Baidu has published documentation of its blockchain XuperChain

About the experiments, the Chinese search giant with bloccano has long been known, however, the company revealed the features and design decisions based on it only now, having published the white paper.

The published document describes the blockchain network called XuperChain and provides some options for the commercial usage decisions based on it.

Some of the applications were known early — on technology which was founded earlier in 2018 Baidu Blockchain Lab. One of the technologies on the basis of XuperChain is a Totem, a stock service for photo storage. In addition, the Hash#Telegraph previously reported that in the summer, the company began to record in the blockchain changes in the Chinese equivalent of Wikipedia, Baidu Baike.

The document implies a utilitarian approach to the developed technology in Addition to Baidu Cloud, the company has developed several solutions to format the blockchain-as-a service-oriented government organizations and commercial enterprises.

To use the solution proposed in several key areas: Finance, artificial intelligence, intelligence of things, the game industry, copyright protection, etc. Baidu Itself is experimenting with the introduction of the blockchain in such areas as copyright protection for content, information security, digital advertising and others.

In addition, in June, Baidu announced the release of the game “Du Yuzhou,” or “the universe” on the blockchain. Game — social experiment — aims to help users to obtain experience in the use of digital assets, similar to the cryptocurrency, which would differ from the simple operations of purchase and sale.

Also in early June, Baidu introduced its own blockchain engine X-Chain with a capacity of 100 thousand transactions per second, compatible with the protocols of BTC and Ethereum.

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