Bancor has launched cross-blackcanary trade networks between Ethereum and EOS


Platform Bancor has launched cross-blackcanary trade networks between Ethereum and EOS. Now, users of decentralized applications BancorX can convert cryptocurrency Ethereum tokens in EOS directly.

Representatives of the Bancor said that in the future the company plans to add the possibility of cross-blockcanvas trade between other crypto currencies. Founder of Galia, Benartzi said:

“Thanks to the cross-Canovas convert a digital asset users will have the possibility to choose the blockchain to perform transactions in the cryptocurrency, which corresponds to their requirements.”

At the moment, the app supports BancorX tokens standard ERC20, and coins EOS. To perform cross-bloschanevych of remittances are used cryptocurrency Bancor (BNT). It also became known that the program BancorX was developed with the support of the manufacturer blocks network EOS – LiquidEOS.

On 5 November, the Bancor leadership announced plans to take on the expense of the company EOS $10 million for the development of blockchain and EOS to enhance the liquidity of tokens. Financial support is a proof of the Bancor confidence in the reliability of the EOS platform and its competitiveness.

In 2017 Bancor held initial range of coins (ICO), during which the company sold tokens BNT at a price of $3.92. Now, 1 token costs only us $1.37, so Bancor ICO is recognized as one of the worst over the last year.

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