Bandwidth Bitcoin Cash exceeded 2 million transactions per day


Bitcoin Cash yesterday criticized the stress test, in which the daily transaction volume exceeded 2 million

Due to the stress test, the number of transactions in the network BCH exceeded that of Ethereum, Ripple and BTC. On the chart provided on the service Bitinfocharts seen a sharp jump in the number of transactions: with rare exceptions, the activity of the Bitcoin network, Cash was negligible in comparison with the closest coin, however, during the stress test, the number of transactions reached 2.1 million

The maximum number of transactions per second, reaching the index of 23.8, which is more than 10 times higher than that of bitcoin. The size of the extracted blocks for the first time exceeded 8 MB, reaching 15,2 MB.

It is also worth noting that the average size of a fee per transaction during the stress test was only $0,0015.

We will remind that earlier mining-pool BitPico, who conducted a stress test of the Bitcoin network Cash, came to an interesting conclusion: according to them, 98% nod coins are on the same server, that is extracted on one side.

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