Barclays abandoned plans to launch services of cryptotrading


Barclays abandoned plans to launch services of cryptotrading

One of the world’s largest financial conglomerates, the British Barclays will not launch a platform for cryptotrading. Now we can talk about it exactly.

About the history of relations between Barclays and the cryptocurrency you can write a book, but we will restrict ourselves to a small note. “Cryptocurrency is a real challenge for our company because, on the one hand, Barclays have a great desire to stay in the forefront of the financial sector, said in may 2018 at the annual General meeting of the Bank’s CEO Barclays Jess Steli, on the other hand, there is a probability that cryptocurrencies will be used in sectors of the economy, which our Bank does not want to have anything to do”.

The answer is more than unique, however, in Barclays, there was a Department for the study of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. The Department was headed by Chris Thayer. He headed the project on creation of digital assets Barclays in April 2018 insiders said that the work is done. Moreover, Barclays plans to launch the service of cryptotrading.

In September, Thayer resigned from Barclays. Analiticki said that it’s a red flag. And so it proved. Today it became known about the folding project to investigate the crypt. No kriptoservis Barclays will not create!

On the causes not reported. One can only guess whether the matter of regulatory policy Britain, the EU and the United States, whether in the current state of the stock market.

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