Belarus seeks South Korean investments to develop industry and other Blockchain technologies


Country in Eastern Europe, Belarus, has opened doors to international investors from South Korea and other regions to invest in developing Blockchain technology, artificial intelligence and other technologies of the “fourth industrial revolution”.

Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs of Belarus, Andrei Dapkiunas, has made it clear that the nation needs more investors from South Korea to pump funds into developing blockchain-industry and IT-sector. Speaking at a conference in Seoul aimed at developing bilateral relations between the two countries, reiterated Dapkiunas, Belarus implemented a user-friendly laws to support the development of distributed power industry in the field of accounting in the country, and its cryptoprotection.

In his words:

“We have created innovative state legislation in relation to the IT sector. We are a center in Eastern Europe for making innovative steps in the Blockchain, cryptocurrencies and production software.”

The official also noted that Belarus has made significant investments in the information technology ecosystem by creating several technology centers such as the “high tech Park”.

The Dapkiunas further stated that, although relations between the two countries is currently quite calm, much remains to be done in the areas of artificial intelligence, robotics, and other major technologies.

“Intensification of bilateral cooperation in these areas will help both countries to successfully respond to the challenges of the fourth industrial revolution,” said the Dapkiunas.

The main exports of Korea to Belarus includes electronics, automobiles, building materials, and more Belarus exports to South Korea semiconductors, lasers and optical devices.

Belarus led the revolution “crypto-blockchain”

Generally speaking, Europe has a more liberal attitude towards bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies compared to other parts of the globe.
However, even in Europe countries such as Belarus, Malta and some others, working with the digital currency and Fintech, while others just try to catch up.

Author: Olga Novikova, analyst Freedman Club Crypto News

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