Below nowhere. Bitcoin continues to set new lows


The volume of trades first cryptocurrency fell by 79% , the volatility of the coins fell to the lowest level in the current year

The interest of traders to the cryptocurrency has dropped significantly from January 2018, according to the study of Diar. Analysts said that the trading volume of bitcoin has decreased by 79% since the beginning of the year.

The company stressed that the activity of banks and large investment companies rather increased, for example, its own products for a new market plan to release the operator of the new York stock exchange ICE and the holding company of Fidelity. According to experts, they are able to draw wide attention of institutional investors in the blockchain industry.

Also to at least lower the volatility of digital assets — the 30-day rate of bitcoin at the moment is 1.5%, while in January it exceeded 9%. On the second place on stability of course is Monero from 2.7%. Turned out to be the most volatile cryptocurrencies, which are used in payment services, such as Stellar (3.6%), and XRP (5.3 percent).

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