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The cryptocurrency boom that swept the world in 2017 has led many to wonder how to capitalize on this phenomenon. Besides mining, the most affordable option is cryptocurrency trading on one of the exchanges, of which today there are more than 6000.

However, not every exchange is trust. Many remember cases when the marketplace suddenly turned out to be a fraudulent project, the number of such projects were Mt.Gox, Cryptsy and some others. We offer you to familiarize yourself with the bitcoin exchanges that are included in our TOP 5 for reliability.


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This exchange appeared in 2014, and today boasts the largest momentum. Daily sell and buy tens of thousands of bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. Users Poloniex available more than 140 currency pairs, and this number is constantly changing – introducing promising new coins, and unclaimed are removed from the listing. As the main selected 4 coins – BTC, ETH, XMR and USDT, everyone else traded through them. At the same time, on the exchange you can’t use Fiat (traditional money) – she works exclusively with crypto-currencies, so buy them initially will have to find another place.

Traders on Poloniex attracts a large volume of trades, good choice of crypto-currencies and low fees – depending on the price and some other conditions it ranges from 0 to 0,25% of the transaction amount. In addition, the platform implements a convenient and informative charts where you can change the period, the size of the candles, and also use some technical analysis tools such as moving averages, Fibonacci levels and Bollinger bands.

Safety of funds invested on the stock exchange, allows to provide two-factor authentication that can be enabled on request (Poloniex however, the administration strongly encourages all customers to use it). Access codes are generated with the Google Authenticator app for your smartphone or tablet.

Poloniex also provides a high level of protection service against DDOS and other hacker attacks. Interruptions in the work of the platform is rare, and in the case of theft of funds from customers ‘ accounts, the exchange shall reimburse losses – such cases in its history have been.

In order to start trading on Poloniex, you must first register and then pass the verification. In 2016 it will be verified it was not necessary – it is required only to increase the daily limit for withdrawal of funds from $2000 to $25000. However, now this procedure will have to go to each new client, and 2018 are subject to verification and old accounts.

Of the downsides of exchange can be noted the slowness of support – however it is worth considering that a high popularity Poloniex leads to corresponding loads on the support with which he has to deal with.


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This platform is of Russian origin, therefore, it is extremely popular among miners and traders from Russia, Ukraine and other CIS countries. However, there are it and other countries, aided by a multilingual interface. Switch language at the bottom of the website, and at the same time you switch on the corresponding chat. Read it all can, but in order to write, you need to have a Deposit of at least $2000.

Currency pairs here are a few – in December, 2017, there were only 46. Exchange Exmo extremely conservative comes to adding new coins, preferring to work only with the most popular.

However, it is possible to trade using Fiat money: the platform supports US dollars, euros, Russian rubles and Polish zloty. In addition, for input and output of funds available popular payment system – Yandex.Money, Webmoney, Qiwi, Payeer.

For withdrawing Fiat currencies requires verification, which can be completed by providing some documents to confirm identity (passport, passport or ID card) and address (Bank statements, utility bills, proof of place of residence). However, if you are going to work exclusively with cryptocurrency, not necessarily verified.

The interface exchange is very simple, and it is not difficult to understand. Graphs show the change in the value of cryptocurrencies for the day, week, month, and year, as well as trading volumes. Unfortunately, to change the size of candles and period to other values is impossible, therefore, for analysis it is better to use other sources.

To protect the account, Exmo, you can use two-factor authentication. Choose from 2 options confirm input an SMS code and Google Authenticator.


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This platform began its journey as an exchanger for Bitcoin and service of cloud mining, however, with the emergence of promising new cryptocurrency has expanded its activities. Now it is trading over 150 different coins, and due to the high reputation of the exchange it employs traders from all over the world (except certain countries to which restrictions apply).

For depositing and withdrawing funds at C-Cex you can use cryptocurrencies and Fiat money. If you have a basic account, you can operate credit cards, the limit on Deposit is $300 per day and $1000 per month, and the withdrawal – $500 per day and $2000 per month. For verified users becomes available input and output by Bank transfers and limits on the movement of funds grow to $10,000 per day and $100,000 per month when you Deposit and withdrawal. Verification on C-Cex voluntary and is very fast – just fill out a simple form and upload a photo of the identity document, to promptly get approval. There is also the possibility to increase these limits by querying the status of “Verified Plus”.

On the stock exchange has a system of commissions, which depends on the method of Deposit and withdrawal, as well as the purpose of use of the platform. So, for credit cards the Commission for Deposit will be 3.5% for the output – to 3.8+1.2 percent.

Recharge by Bank transfer is free, and for the withdrawal will have to pay $50 regardless of the amount. If you trade cryptocurrency transaction fees amount to 0.2%.

To protect your account and money on C-Cex allows activation of two-factor authentication. Each user can opt to use the codes received via SMS, mobile app, or phone call.


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Another exchange with Russian roots. It boasts a huge number of traded cryptocurrency pairs at the end of 2017, there were 476. When adding new coins, the administration focuses on the views of users, conducting among them a vote. In addition, the developers of crypto currencies also have the opportunity to break into the exchange, paying the listing on the platform LiveCoin.

Deposit funds on the stock exchange you can use here crypto-currencies, as well as through a series of exchangers, using Qiwi, Webmoney and other payment services. For Deposit and withdrawal fee is charged, the amount of which depends on the chosen method. If you bring cryptocurrencies purchased, a fee is not charged. For adding on the expense of their own coins from another exchange or from your personal wallet also do not have to pay anything that compares favorably LiveCoin from the vast majority of competitors. The Commission for the transaction is from 0.18 to 0.02% – the larger your trade amount the lower the percentage that goes to the exchange.

Graphs of price movements of the cryptocurrency here are of high informative value. Users can change the size of the spark, scale and use technical indicators for analysis. These tools allow you to quickly assess the prospects and to decide on the purchase or sale of selected coins.

Special attention deserves the technical support. Support for LiveCoin responsible 24 hours a day, as in ticket and online chat, quickly solving any issues that arise. Orientation on customer needs allows the exchange to have a high reputation, and gradually to win over traders from other sites.


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This is a global marketplace where trade cryptocurrencies are people from all over the world. Exchange HitBTC has become a popular topic of discussion in the world media that only adds to her popularity.

To work with cryptocurrencies, it is sufficient to register an account and verify your email address. After that you can start to trade, however, the use of Fiat money will be impossible, and the digital coins the limit on input and output will be 5000 euros. Passing the verification, you can increase the limit in the cryptocurrency up to 25,000 euros, and Fiat up to 2000 euros per day and € 10,000 per month. It is also possible to obtain status as a qualified trader, the limit for which will be the same 25000 Euro per day in cryptocurrency, and Fiat money – 10000 EUR per week and 50,000 in a month. For instant buying or selling a Commission of 0.1%, and for pending orders fees reduced.

HitBTC’s interface may seem awkward for beginners because of the abundance of different tools, but advanced traders will like it.

To learn to work with exchange you can use the demo version, which allows you to try all features of the platform without using real money. For users is also available an API that allows the use of shopping bots and other automation tools.

If you want to trade on HitBTC, two-step verification for you must-have tool, but when you register you must enable it manually in security settings. Code to be entered when depositing and withdrawing funds.


In addition to the considered exchanges, there are other good platform for cryptocurrency trading. However, these platforms have proven to be the most reliable. Working on these exchanges, traders have a minimum risks and have access to the most liquid cryptocurrency tools that exist today.

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