Best wallet Wallet added a wallet cryptocurrency exchange


The best wallet crypto cryptocurrency has introduced the crypto currency exchange, the company said in a press release: starting today, users of wallet will be able to exchange cryptocurrencies without leaving the website best wallet Wallet.

“You no longer need to search the exchange. It in your wallet best wallet,” reads the new advertising company of crypto best wallet. All exchanges can be initiated and performed in the interface cryptocurrency wallet best wallet Wallet.

In a press release the company explained that the new feature is implemented, through cooperation with partners ShapeShift and Changelly, adding that SatoshiLabs is not responsible for the process, the exchange of fee and functionality of cryptocurrency exchange. If service providers cryptocurrency exchange decides to implement KUS, registration and verification will be made by them. Personal information will be processed and provided best wallet Wallet, Satoshi Labs.

We will remind that in June the developers of hardware cryptocell best wallet has warned users about a phishing attack, Recalling that users never have to enter the password to restore through the computer.

In the beginning of the month it became known that Alain Corvidae, co-founder SatoshiLabs and founder of the company-manufacturer of hardware wallets best wallet joined the ambitious project Casa concentrates on the provision of services for the safe storage of bitcoin savings for large investors.

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