Best wallet Wallet has integrated a function cryptocurrency exchange


Best wallet Wallet has integrated a function cryptocurrency exchange

Interface wallet best wallet extends the functionality, offering users the possibility of exchanging cryptocurrencies.

At the end of September 2017 Czech company SatoshiLabs started to test the function of exchange capabality from the interface to the crypto-wallet. Tests finished and now users Wallet best wallet you can exchange the crypt, so to speak, permanently.

“Starting today, you can easily exchange different digital currencies without the need to leave the site of the Purse — the blog SatoshiLabs. — To initiate the exchange process and observe the change directly in the interface best wallet Wallet. What does it mean? That in addition to the already available features of the Wallet, like support for multiple accounts, complete transaction history, you can easily exchange coins and tokens directly in your Wallet.”

Exchange of cryptocurrencies occurs with the participation of intermediaries. “SatoshiLabs is not responsible for the exchange process, courses, fees, or the functionality of these services, — said in the announcement. As yet, we have decided to cooperate with ShapeShift and Changelly”.

As during the tests new features best wallet Wallet, the company’s policy in respect of KYC not changed: the representatives SatoshiLabs misleading, that is not going to require users to pass a verification procedure. This, however, does not mean that intermediaries should be the same relation to KYC: they can request personal data of users.

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