Best yield from mining


Best yield from mining

Why began to sell mining farm? In the fall of 2018 Antminer bitcoin S9 digs on $1.5 a day, and GTX 1070 produces air $0.4 at a cost of electricity of 3 rubles per 1 kW. This price of electricity will allow the mine, but it is not available for all regions. Some miners decide to increase its computing power by purchasing equipment on the secondary market. Most mines, jumping on more profitable algorithms, but there are those who are forced to sell the farm due to the high tariffs, availability of obsolete equipment or disappointment in mining as a business. In this case, it is advantageous to get out of mining?

How to profitably sell mining-farm on the GPU

During the gold rush it is better to sell shovels than to dig for myself. Latest mining fever is most clearly observed in November-December of 2017. The sellers of cards and Asimov at this time the maximally inflated prices for his goods and was not afraid to remain without demand. The conclusion is obvious and logical – to sell the benefits when rapidly rising rates of cryptocurrencies and increased revenue from mining. Now the income of miners is small, no fever, and the consequences of winter of HYIP on face, Craigslist is filled with listings for mining-farms. How to sell video cards, if competition forces down the price? Select the tips that will increase the attractiveness of the ad:

  • To provide documents for the equipment, including checks and boxes. Not all sellers can do this step and your video cards will be preferable. The availability of documents will be appreciated even more when you finally enter into force the law on mining. Another benefit is the possibility of a free repair under the conditions in the warranty card.
  • Sell the card before the expiry of the warranty period (usually 3 years). You need to clarify what the warranty life of the graphics card when hashing is not reduced, i.e., the service cannot refuse to repair due to the use of GPU for mining coins. The question immediately arises, what to do with old asik, the warranty period is only 9 months, but more on that later.
  • The first announcement is to try to sell the farm by appointment. To take a photo of the completely assembled farm with all the components Riga: motherboard, risers, CPU, power supply, SSD, emulator monitor and the housing. Describe in detail each component of Hasrat mining-farm on different algorithms and the manipulation of the BIOS graphics cards. You can offer free installation and setup mining farm. If miners are not interested in the proposal, proceed to sell the equipment piecemeal.
  • To submit multiple ads with different prices on several sites. If we fail to profitably sell the video card, you will have to accept less lucrative deals. Do not be limited to Craigslist – there are a large number specialized telegram channels of purchase/sale of mining-farms, social networks and other platforms for placing ads. For Example, Yula.
  • Not to indicate that the equipment involved in mining. Despite the fact that initially, the graphics card is designed for high continuous load, buyers often think that mining is killing the video card and brings it to a totally unusable state.
  • It is desirable that the cooler is not loose – it’s the first thing to pay attention to the buyer during the inspection.
  • To change the thermal grease or thermal pads.

  • To install a standard BIOS firmware.
  • To test the video card and add screenshots core clock, memory, fan speed, GPU load, temperature sensors, etc. To test fit utility FurMark or AIDA 64.
  • Properly write the title and description, considering search queries. Not all buyers go on Craigslist and there looking for suitable ads. A huge number of investigators enter a query like “Buy minig farm cheap” right into a search engine. To ad better indexed by search engines take key words from the service Wordstat.
  • Not to repeat a single text and pictures in different ads – so the scripts calculate “cheat.”
  • The accounts should have different devices using different IP addresses, otherwise you may get ban.
  • Photos should be good quality, but without inscriptions.
  • To use the paid promotion ads, placing in the TOP.
  • The organization of bonuses for the buyer. For example, free fans or any other unnecessary equipment as a gift.

Even that all the rules will not help to sell the GTX 1070 in October 2018 for $700-800, as it was done in December 2017. In this regard, it is worth considering whether you need to sell equipment now? And suddenly more will be able to catch the wave of cryptocurrency fever? In addition, the upgrade of graphics cards from Nvidia is already out and the market will not be affected. New products from AMD are expected only in 2019. Until that time, the obsolescence of graphics cards the 10th generation is not expected.

GPU you can rent different systems artificial intelligence and neural network learning, but monetary benefits to bail out will not work.

What to do with the old asik

If ASIC is unprofitable, then sell it only as a heater. What a very noisy heater. To eliminate noise it is necessary to organize immersion cooling – and then a warm floor can be heated, and the heating system to reorganize. But immersion cooling of Asimov is expensive. The cost of the bath accommodates up to 6 devices with heat exchanger, pump internal circuit and hydraulic pipes starts from 50 000 rubles. Alternative use of Asimov has not yet been identified – the unit is designed exclusively for calculating hashes.

Profitable to sell b/asik can only be on the HYIP cryptocurrency.

An unusual way to get out of mining is a plus

Sell mining farm profitable by using the lotteries on a smart contract.

The point is that to take part in the lottery will be cheaper tokens on the basis of the ERC 721. When the price tokens sold will exceed the quoted price of the equipment, will automatically be a lottery. You will need to ensure the transparency of the drawing line-by-line explanation of the smart contract. On the mining forums, there are certainly wishing to get a farm cheap, as the point guard will get rid of the equipment at the price they deem acceptable. The lottery can be organized without the smart contract, but it is more interesting and more transparent.

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