Bet Roger’s Faith and Jimmy song at $1 million: the Tension builds


30 Oct “bitcoin maximalist” Jimmy song live on YouTube and talked to cryptocurrency trader Tony Weiss. They discussed betting $1 million that song and Roger Ver made last month. Ver — a key figure in Bitcoin Cash — bet on the future price of the cryptocurrency. He believes that in ten years Bitcoin Cash (BCH) will be more expensive bitcoin.

According to Jimmy, Roger tried in the process to change the terms of the dispute and the parties failed to formally come to an agreement. In particular, the Ver put forward such a demand: he wants a million, which will be given to the winner, was transferred to the charitable organization at the choice of the latter. His opponent finds it unacceptable. In his blog song called satisfied with his conditions:

Within 14 days of the conclusion of the wager (after a ten-year period or earlier) the winner gets $1 million in the currency of your choice. The winner donates at least 25% of the received amount of the charitable organizations we find worthy.

Why the song sets a quota on the amount of money given to charities? Speaking on YouTube, he explained:

I think this is a much more honest approach. It eliminates fraud. I don’t want him with his bet get a tax break.

Ver and the song made a bet in September this year during blockchain cruise Coinsbank.

9 Sep Roger also made a bet with the founder of litecoin Charlie Lee. According to the Crypto Insider, the terms of the dispute are the following: the bet lasts 18 months, from September 9, 2018 March 9, 2020. If during this time Lightning Network will join more than 1,000 merchants, If wins if their number will be less wins Ver. The loser will wear clothes with the company logo, opponent and record video confession of his wrong.

It is believed that in this case, Verus has already lost. This month the author of the article on the website Steemit quoted a post from the blog CoinGate:

September 5, 2018, San Francisco. Cryptocurrency payment service CoinGate gives traders the opportunity to use the payment processing Network Lightning. More than 4,000 companies already actively accept bitcoin thanks to the platform CoinGate, giving them easy and quick access to payments Lightning.

According to the materials of Crypto Insider

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