Binance accused of lying about the fee for listing


Last month, the General Director of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges Binance, Chanpen jao said that his company never takes money for the new coins to be added. However, a few days ago with this information questioned.

So, co-founder of blockchain platforms Expanse Christopher Franco wrote in his Twitter that Binance asked him 400 BTC for listing their token EXP.

Users reacted with disbelief to such a statement, assuming that the money with Franco trying to pull a Scam, and not members of the exchange, as Chanpen Jiao said earlier, that does not take over the listing money.

Franco explained the situation as follows:

“He (Chanpen jao) lied. Or someone in his company doing it behind his back. We contacted them many times. Here’s the mail, which we were told: [email protected] Employee is represented by the name Ashley.”

In his next tweet the Franco attached a screenshot showing that the correspondence was conducted by email on a domain

So he is trying to say it was a spoofed email. But um.. it came from // so either…

1. He is lying to save face.
2. someone has hacked their servers and sending emails out from it.
3. he has a rogue employee

I literally have nothing to gain from this..

— Christopher Franko 🧐 (@FrankoCurrency) August 9, 2018

This event is not bypassed and the jao. In his Twitter he said that his exchange will not add within for 4000 BTC, and that in the first place in this matter is the quality of the project.

He added that Franco had received a letter from fraud, not from the exchange, and Binance never discusses questions regarding payment via mail. In conclusion, he said that the person is not able to recognize mail spoofing, doesn’t have to put coins on the market.

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