Binance announced the launch of the charity portal on the blockchain


Representatives of the Fund Blockchain Charity Foundation (BCF), founded by Binance company, announced the launch of the charity portal on the blockchain during the world investment forum of the United Nations. At the moment, everyone can already make donations in bitcoin, esters or Binance Coin (BNB).

Blockchain Charity Foundation is also planning to open an account to receive funds in aid of victims of floods and landslides in Eastern Uganda.

“At the moment, the poverty line is more than one billion people, but poverty should not be a sentence. Using the technology of the blockchain, the platform of the BCF will help the UN to attract the necessary amount of money for sustainable development and support of people living in poverty. The Fund will ensure full transparency and accounting of donations and the delivery of funds to recipients,” said Helen Hai (Helen Hai), head of BCF and goodwill Ambassador of UNIDO on issues of industrialization in Africa.

At the session “the use of the blockchain for sustainable development”, held in the framework of the world investment forum, was attended by more than 700 participants from around the world. The event was also attended by representatives of leading companies, such as Bancor, UNICEF, IBM, Hyperledger, ConsenSys, and others.

In addition, during the evening event organised by BCF, Tron company Foundation has pledged $3 million to help accelerate the introduction of a blockchain in the field of charity.

“All guests of this event want to become leaders in the field of application of the blockchain for the benefit of society. Binance Charity Foundation is making significant efforts in this direction and wants to increase the transparency of donations, so everyone can see the flow of funds and their impact”, – said the head of Tron Foundation Justin (Justin Sun).

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