Binance has launched trading platform for European capturadora


The world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange Binance has launched trading platform for European investors. The project was implemented in partnership with the Liechtenstein exchange LCX.

The new platform Binance LCX will cater for transactions with the Euro and the Swiss franc in pairs with other major cryptocurrencies. All trades must be approved by European regulators. The platform will act in the jurisdiction of Liechtenstein.

As noted by the Director General of the exchange LCX Monty Metzger, the new platform will attract professional investors interested in investing in digital assets. Liechtenstein, like Malta, has established itself as capturadora region. In the jurisdiction of the state has clear legal base allowing to perform operations on the tokens into best for players of the market conditions.

The Prime Minister of Liechtenstein Adrian Hasler said:

Blockchain technology lay the Foundation for a qualitatively new industry. We are confident that the current in our region, the legal framework will allow the exchange Binance LCX, as well as other digital companies to provide investors with quality services.

Prime Minister Lichtenstein took part in the opening of the Binance LCX platform for European investors and said that his government would provide support to the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry.

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