Binance Labs have invested several million into the platform for auditing smart contracts


Blockchain incubator Binance Labs has invested in the project for auditing smart contracts CertiK. The exact amount of the investment division of a leading bitcoin exchange is unknown. Writes CoinDesk, we are talking about several million dollars.

Launched last year CertiK startup verifies the code on blockchain projects for vulnerabilities. To do this, the command uses CertiK “multilevel decomposition approach certified library for decentralised applications and a “smart labeling””.

“CertiK mathematically confirms the safety of smart contracts, which is a critical sore point with which we are faced in the ecosystem of blockchain, thus overcoming the limitations of manual testing,” — said the head of the Binance Labs Ella Zhang.

Earlier Binance Labs has invested several million dollars in the decentralized project for the development of digital content Contentos.

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