Binance launches Academy to promote education in the field of blockchain


One of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges launches educational initiative that will provide the necessary resources for the next generation of blockchain enthusiasts.

14 AUG 2018. Cryptocurrency exchange Binance announces the launch of an open education platform, the Academy Binance, which is designed to help users expand their knowledge in the field of blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Educational initiative will solve the problem of the lack of a single online knowledge base on the blockchain and cryptocurrency. The resource, launched in the framework of this initiative, will contain all the educational articles and the video. Academy Binance is another integral part of the ecosystem of the company. Binance intends to become a single global hub, offering all the necessary services for blockchain enthusiasts.

“The mission of the Academy Binance is to contribute to the dissemination of knowledge about the possibilities of the blockchain and cryptocurrency. To implement it, we will provide users with high-quality and accessible content in the form of articles and videos,” said Chanpen Zhao (CZ), CEO of Binance.

Academy Binance will operate in the public domain to cover both General and niche topics within the blockchain, cryptocurrencies and best practices in the field of security.

“We came with great attention to the launch platform. It is open both for normal users and for content producers. Users can recommend topics that they would like to receive information and to offer to publish their own content – added CZ. – The basis of any revolution is knowledge. Given our global reach, as well as the progressivity of the users involved in the ecosystem Binance, we feel responsible for spreading information about the benefits of blockchain and cryptocurrency in the world. The Academy Binance we strive to ensure the availability and completeness of the information, and easy service to use.”

Because the industry is changing rapidly, the curriculum at the Academy Binance will constantly be updated and expanded to reflect the realities. Users will also be available in a Glossary that will help them navigate in the professional vocabulary adopted in the blockchain environment.

Despite the fact that the project is at an early stage of development, it is already open access, and community can participate in its development from the beginning. In addition to creating their own content, Binance welcomes the production by the participants, community content and look forward to active feedback of users from around the world.

Additional information can be found on the Academy website:


Binance is a blockchain ecosystem, which consists of exchanges, incubator Labs, the Academy, charity Fund etc. Exchange Binance is one of the fastest growing and most popular trading platforms in the world. Founded by a team of financial technological and cryptoexpert, it is able to process more than 1.4 million orders per second, making it one of the fastest in the world. The main priorities for the platform include security, speed and the development community that allows you to attract both the enthusiast and professional traders.

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