Binance plans to add more tablconv


Cryptocurrency exchange Binance actively considering adding new tablconv in addition to the three already on site. This was stated by chief financial officer Wei Zhou (Zhou Wei).

The emphasis is on the fact that this decision has nothing to do with the loss of confidence in stabilio USDT, which this week have been manipulation due to false news, therefore lost the peg to the US dollar and is currently trading below $1.

“We have not lost confidence in USDT and believe that his course will soon stabiliziruemost near $1. We will continue to support this stablein,” said Wei.

Alternatives tablconv exchange started to consider even before the recent events around the Tether. At the end of September on a platform was added Paxos Standard (PAX), and in may TrueUSD (TUSD). Wei also added that his team thoroughly examines all submitted on the market stabilini and leaning to the listing Gemini Dollar (GUSD), which was released by the brothers Winklevoss (Winklevoss). The stability of all the above tablconv is poor because they lost everything, the peg to the dollar last week, although, unlike the USDT, the price has risen above $1.

Commenting on the launch units in Uganda to work with Fiat money Wei said: “Companies, instead of keep bitcoin save stabilini, because the dollar is the base currency in many of the countries under consideration. This is just one of the applications, which distinguishes this part of the world from the others.”

When talking about the recent hype around the Tether, Wei said: “This stablon in our opinion is a critical unit in the ecosystem of cryptocurrency, because it gives investors the opportunity to store funds in such assets on which you can rely on.”

It is worth noting that the exchange this week temporarily interrupted the output USDT due to the sharply increased amount of the recovery. Wei said that such dynamics was provoked by false rumors that spread in the community. He added: “we believe that the market is always right.”

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