Bitcoin billionaire from China will no longer invest in the blockchain


Chinese bitcoin billionaire Li Saali announced that henceforth he will cease to invest in blockchain projects and ICO.

“From this day Whether Saali personally would not invest in any projects related to the blockchain (the blockchain startups or primary supply tokens). So, if you see that “Whether Saali” associated with any project (I’ve been involved with countless blockchain projects without my knowledge), just ignore this message, If Saoli wrote in his blog on Weibo.

He also said that it plans to spend a few years to reconsider his career, but has not yet reported, what will you do in the short term.

If Saalai is the founder of the Beijing venture capital firm BitFund. Lee is also one of the largest holders of bitcoins in China, so his sudden statement caused a great stir in the local crypto community.

“The value of Mr. Lee Saola on cryptocurrency industry in China and the world in General is severely underestimated,” commented on the statement of one of representatives Whether the.

Many noted that Whether claims of the end of investing personal funds in the blockchain projects, but not eliminated the opportunity to participate in the financing of projects through investment funds.

Note that the early bitcoin enthusiasts from China with the aim of diversifying risks has begun buying up real estate around the world. Cryptolibrary prefer payment in bitcoins.

Previously, we reported that the results of a recent survey, less than 10% of the middle class of China to invest in cryptocurrencies.

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