Bitcoin Cash may repeat the scenario of the Bitcoin Gold because of the low hash rate yet




Earlier this week, Vice President Solutions at Blockstream Warren the Tog has published in his Twitter information about the script and the hash of Bitcoin mining Cash, saying that the cryptocurrency could face dangerous consequences because of the low hash rate yet and confirmations on stock exchanges.

The tweets, which he published last year, TRG said that Bitcoin experts have always recommended 6 + confirm exchanges in the case of all transactions. This reduces the risk of double spending. However, the TCG also noted that the competition was struck by the exchanges, which ultimately lead them to compromise on the safety factor. He said:

“Due to the competitive pressures of the exchange took a calculated risk by allowing deposits 1 or 2 BTC conf before they will be credited and available for trading. / 2”

He subsequently linked these facts with the then status of Bitcoin Cash, and said that the hash rate of the bitcoin and accounted for 12% of the total hash rate Bitcoin. In this case, when exchanges allow BCH deposits with a single confirmation, it becomes extremely dangerous for the ecosystem because there are people with enough power to attack the network BCH.

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