Bitcoin exchange rate stable in the range of $6,600. Analysis of the market for 8 odebra


Bitria “news” bitcoin exchange Rate stable in the range of $6,600. Analysis of the market for 8 odebra

The last day of the cryptocurrency market capitalization remained unchanged at $217 billion and the exchange rate of bitcoin spent Sunday to restore its support around $6,500 after yesterday’s false breakout.

The rest of the cryptocurrency market is showing minor losses and minor additions. Bitcoin Cash showed an increase of 1.62%, Stellar – 1% and Cardano – 2.38%. TRON has increased its value to 8.27%.

BTC / USD, in fact, stable as it was last week. Today, the pair started correcting lower bound from the last short-term growth and range false break. In the end, it has formed lower lows in the direction of $6,525.

The range that we see today, has a $6,525 acting as temporary support and $6,606 acts as intermediate resistance. We have entered a long position at the resistance on the bounce from support and resistance close will also force us to join the long passage to $6,638 aimed up in our area about breakthroughs.

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