Bitcoin extends fall below 6000 $




The price of bitcoin (BTC) for the first time fell below US $ 6000 from the end of June. has provided to the auction on August 14. Bitcoin has lost 5 percent of value for 24 hours. Ten coins fell by 17 %, and 15 of the cryptocurrency fell by 20 %.

Now BTC is trading just above the significant rate of about $ 6,100 U.S., reducing weekly losses to 14 percent. From mid-July the market went bullish trend that raised prices to the level of 8450 dollars. But since the beginning of August the picture changed, and in the end investors made a profit of up to 3 percent. Bitcoin unlike altcoins now saves its position. At that time, as ETH losses to 16 percent on the day, almost 35 week and 40 percent in the last month!

Analysts from Twitter assume about the immediate rise of the altcoins!

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