Bitcoin has won the hearts of retailers


While the authorities are arguing about the role of digital currencies, the shops gradually add it into your payment system in favor of the buyers.

Bitcoin was in the midst of cryptopidae almost came close to $10,000 with a market capitalization in excess of 166 billion dollars, which is nearly twice that of Goldman Sachs (to 89.2 billion).

Along with the recent announcement of the Chicago Mercantile exchange, which plans to launch futures trading on bitcoin to the end of this year, appeared on the market speculation that the rally of bitcoin also received nourishment amid the growth of online retail sales during the holidays.

Hundreds of online retailers, and even the most mundane physical stores accept payment in bitcoins, and the growth of bitcoin-mania, there are more willing to jump into this train.

Recently, South Korean shopping Mall Goto Mall announced that all of its 620 stores will begin to accept bitcoin in addition to cash, Bank cards and payment system Alipay. Shopping center, which is visited by 500 thousand people also signed a partnership agreement with the South Korean HTS Coin crypto currency exchange.

Mass adoption of bitcoin payments began in 2014

Despite this, the bitcoin never got rid of the Association with the online platforms involved in criminal activities. known as the first legitimate online retailer that started accepting bitcoin payments in January 2014, having signed a partnership agreement with Coinbase. Then bitcoin is worth just over $ 800. Even then, in year 2014, in the train of bitcoin jumped a number of online retailers and service providers, mostly due to demand from consumers. It was Microsoft, Newegg, Zynga, Gyft and many more.

But not only retailers are determined to fill their virtual pockets on bitcoin. So, Bellator Welterweight Rory MacDonald demanded payment of 500 thousand dollars in bitcoins for his next fight.

In the past, the ease of use was a major obstacle to the adoption of bitcoin. However, now there are more applications and APIs designed to facilitate the process of integrating BTC.

In addition, companies such as Wirex started to offer debit cards for BTC, and in some parts of the world, the bitcoin for cash instantly convert BTC to cash.

Bitcoin will live and good health

Despite the problems with scalability, many argue that the “pros” of making bitcoin more than “minuses”. One also cannot ignore the fact that at the moment the crypto currency can boast of a very wide public attention.

Bitcoin is going up rapidly, and the desire of investors to capitalize on this, coupled with the adoption of retailers BTC for payment is the synergistic force that is just beginning to breathe vitality into the ecosystem of this digital currency. And despite ongoing controversy about its scalability, he will live for a long time.

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