Bitcoin in just 30 minutes fell by 2%, losing almost $500


Bitcoin in just 30 minutes fell by 2%, losing almost $500

For the past 30 minutes, bitcoins fell by 2%, or nearly $500, according to the CCN portal, citing data from cryptocurrency exchanges. If in the middle of the day on Wednesday, September 5, bitcoin was trading at around $7400, then at the time of publishing this post it dropped to $6950, follows from the materials of the website CoinMarketCap.

The market capitalization of bitcoin has dropped to $121,09 billion Leader pulls down the rest of the top cryptocurrencies. Live and Ripple, which occupies the second and third lines in the list of top digital assets, fell by 10.4% and 9,37%, to $259,03 and $0,306 respectively.

The leader of the fall from the top 10 was the coin of Bitcoin Cash, depreciating by 10.73% to $563,28. However, experts are optimistic and believe that the decline of exchange rate of bitcoin will be short-lived and will soon resume its growth. Now the market is dominated by speculative sentiment, resulting in expensive little-known altcoins.

For example, Bitcoin Diamond has risen by almost 185%. In addition to the speculative factor, support this coin had run operations on a crypto currency exchange Binance. Worst were the tokens Nano, WanChain, Aion, Ontology, and Waltonchain VeChain, which have fallen in price by almost 20% in the last hour.

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