Bitcoin is growing due to the sale of the Teaser


Vladislav Antonov, Alpari: “At the current time the stock market is in a phase of consolidation.”

The sharp appreciation of bitcoin sales caused by the Tether, said Vladislav Antonov, the cryptanalyst broker company Alpari. In the case that during the Asian session, before the opening of trading in Europe, unexpectedly rose bitcoin. On the stock exchange Bitfinex his rate jumped 22% to $ 7,788. But Bitfmex and other bitcoin exchanges were imitated in half. I was surprised that the price difference between Bitmex and Bitfinex reached $ 970.

Looking at the price of bitcoin on the exchange Binance, it became clear that the sharp appreciation of bitcoin was caused by the massive sales of the cryptocurrency Tether (Teaser USDT). On those exchanges where traded USDT has the highest volatility.

Its sales were provoked by the message exchange KuCoin about the suspension of the withdrawal USDT and fake news supported by a forged screenshot from the site that the exchange Binance will conduct delisting USDT. Later, the exchange KuCoin on Twitter wrote that the service wallet USDT completed. It works fine and you can top up and withdraw funds in USDT. Binance in his Twitter does not have anything to write, give a link to the rating USDT, which is currently evaluated as “A” — very strong ability to meet their obligations.

As soon as the markets appeared at least some information and it became clear that someone was using fake news to manipulate price on all exchanges began kickbacks. On the stock exchange Bitfinex price fell from 7,788 to $ 6,723., on Bitmex – c 6,818 to $ 6,366. Someone’s made some money, because the fall of the USDT to the US dollar was seen a week ago, in fact, the increase in the spread between Bitmex and Bitfinex. This was blamed on the fact that Bitfinex has halted withdrawals in dollars.

At the current time the market is in a consolidation phase. Buyers and sellers who have triggered a margin call (elimination of positions) licking their wounds.

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