Bitcoin is useless. Interest in the cryptocurrency fell by 93%


The number of search queries with the word “bitcoin” has dropped to values of may last year

According to Google Trends, the number of search queries with the word “bitcoin” have decreased by 93% in comparison with the situation in December 2017. It was noticed by the economist and the trader Tour, Demeester, he pointed to the fact that the interest in bitcoin has dropped to values may 2017, and the number of queries with the words “buy bitcoin” has dropped to the level of last year’s April.

The volume of trades first cryptocurrency has dropped significantly over the past ten months, from $23 billion to $3 billion, almost eight times. Because of this, many larger venues have to lay off employees and closing departments. Exchange Coinfloor and Mercado Bitcoin already announced reduction of staff.

In August, information appeared that the number of bitcoins, which users paid for the purchase, fell by 87% from September 2017. Also at this time, the number of transactions in the network of cryptocurrency first fell to a two-year low.

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