Bitcoin millionaire traded my BTC to euros fake


According to new reports, one South Korean businessman became a victim of the Scam, in which his millions were exchanged for counterfeit banknotes exceeding the amount of 2 million euros.

According To The Next Web:

“It was a brilliant French Riviera, the Sunny coastal city of nice. The goal is a South Korean businessman, owner of a successful cryptocurrency business in Singapore. The man from Serbia and his accomplice allegedly convinced the businessman to part with bitcoins in exchange for 2 million of counterfeit euros.”

Moreover, according to the police, the attackers lured the victim into a luxury hotel to discuss the process of investment in the business. The discussion eventually led to the fact that the victim transferred the bitcoins to this couple after they promised to reimburse him the equivalent in euros. Shortly after the transaction the money was fake. The 500 Euro banknote was a fake created using Photoshop. The businessman had no choice but to report the crime to the authorities.”


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