Bitcoin Price intraday analysis: BTC / USD




Kurs bitcoin dollar is trading at 6398 at the time of writing, 0.85% below its Sunday high. The pair found a stable support area at the level of 6350-6400. But it is not indicating a sufficient number of purchases to break a giant level above the downward trend line. Frankly, the market is in long term bearish bias, so any of these conflicts at offset in the short term may enhance your mood previous sales.

Here on the daily charts could cause BTC / USD to the direction of the bottom of the well sold around 6000 . There may be an accumulation, as evidenced by historical price action. And the pair may make another on the downtrend line above. However, BTC / USD konsolidiruyutsya within the range of triangles, which narrows every day, suggesting that the breakout / breakdown will be inevitable extreme.

A breakthrough here, meanwhile, could put a couple on the way to 100% moving average, still affirming the trap scenario, as discussed in one of our previous tests . In short, the market would need a crazy bullish strategy, possibly up to $ 10,000 to even confirm a stable medium-term bullish bias.

We focus on our day trading, meanwhile, to try to figure out the maximum profit that we can get from intraday price action.

Internal analysis: BTC / USD

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