Bitcoin shows stability


Bitcoin remains stable, but its volume increases by 20%

In the last 24 hours in the cryptocurrency market showed the same trend as in the last 12 days, with the price of Bitcoin at $ 6400.

The volume of bitcoins has increased by nearly 20 percent from $ 3.1 billion. USA up to $ 3.5 billion. USA, hinting at the growth of trading activity in the market exchange of cryptocurrencies on major trading platforms for digital assets.

Sharp increase in the volume of bitcoin, which has been stagnant since mid-October may result in potential short-term positive upward movement in the coming days.

It time I bitcoin to rise?

Various technical indicators BTC suggests that the dominant cryptocurrency creates momentum to break through a few minor steps in the region with high level of $ 6000.

Traders and technical analysts said that if BTC can easily exceed $ 6,400, then the asset may be a breakthrough above $ 6500.

The volume of BTC has increased after the closing day of the auction with the lowest volume registered over the past 10 months. Over the weekend, the amount of foreign currency cryptocurrency market usually falls, along with over the counter (OTC) markets, which are said to be treated three times daily trading volume of major exchanges of cryptocurrency.

Consequently, the growth of BTK on Saturday is a positive indicator of the short term trend of the asset. If the jerk BTC above $ 6400 can be sustained throughout Sunday and will continue next week, the positive sentiment around the market is likely to improve cryptocurrency on market capitalization.

For the past week on sideways market small tokens recorded decent gains against the Bitcoin in the range of 5 to 10 percent. However, the main cryptomelane such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and Bitcoin Cash, are unable to demonstrate signs of recovery.

Everything is conditional…

While trading activity in the foreign exchange market of crypto-currencies has increased over the last two days, most traders are still waiting out the market to demonstrate a significant move.

The potential increase in the price of bitcoin up to 6 $ 600. USA 6 to $ 600. USA depends on the ability of the market to maintain a decent volume and momentum in the coming days.

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Article translated and posted by: Leonid Shchekutev analyst Freedman Club Crypto News

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