Bitcoin surpassed $7000


Today, August 28, the price of bitcoin has exceeded $7000, down from the peak of $7083. Thus, the first cryptocurrency has risen almost 5% per day and 9.5% for the week.

Exactly two weeks ago, the bitcoin fell below the important mark of $6,000 to $5985, but quickly returned to their previous values. Since then, the cryptocurrency has gained more than $1000 of value.

Altcoins are also showing growth: Ethereum has risen by 4.2%, Ripple — more than 6%, Bitcoin Cash grew by almost 5%. The best results in the top 10 demonstrates the IOTA: for the day its price has increased by 16%, and for the week — 35%.

The growth of coins has led to the fact that the total market capitalization rose to $299 billion, although two weeks ago it was less than $40 billion.

Recall that the CEO of cryptocurrency exchange Binance Chanpen Zhao believes that the cryptocurrency market is about to shift from the downward trend in the phase of rapid growth. This opinion he expressed at the end of last week.

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