Bitcoin trading through Square Cash became available in all 50 States


The mobile payments provider Square announced via Twitter that the service trade bitcoins in app Square Cash is now available in all 50 States of the USA.

Red, white, and bitcoin. Now you can use App Cash to buy bitcoin in all 50 states.

— Cash App (@CashApp) August 13, 2018

The function of bitcoin trading app has been launched by the company in January after several months of testing. However, due to regulatory restrictions to it not had access to the residents of the States of new York, Georgia, Hawaii and Wyoming.

In June, the Square received in the Department of financial services of new York (NYDFS) license Regulations, which gave the opportunity to work in the state. It is worth noting that the company, the co-founder of which is the CEO of Twitter Jack Dorsey (Jack Dorsey), was one of the few owners of cryptocurrency Regulations among firms. A few days before Square the approval of the regulator of the state of new York was the operator of crypto Xapo — it was only the sixth license issued by the NYDFS cryptocurrency company.

In the States of Hawaii and Wyoming regulators have required double the reserve money to ensure the volume of cryptocurrency assets held for clients. Spring in Wyoming overturned the rule is given the opportunity to open BTC trading via Square Cash for residents of the state. What exactly allowed to do in Georgia and Hawaii, the company has not yet commented.

Recall that for the first quarter of 2018 Square earned bitcoin trading $200 thousand and the second to $420 thousand.

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