Bitcoin will be used more frequently. What will change


About 32% of the current issue of cryptocurrencies are on individual wallets and not address major long-term investors or companies. Last year that number was at 26%

According to the study Chainalysis, the number of bitcoins that are on active wallets have increased to 4.8 million or 32% of the current emission of cryptocurrencies, CoinDesk writes. At the end of last year at these locations was kept to approximately 3.8 million BTC, or 26% of all mined coins.

Economist Chainalysis Philip Gradwell noted that the liquidity of cryptocurrencies is growing, as more and more users keep it on their own. He stressed that the first hurdle in the distribution of digital money is overcome, now people are willing to spend their coins as soon as they become available.

With more than 6.3 million bitcoins are in the wallet, the activity of which is not observed for more than a year. One user can belong to multiple e-wallets, so it is impossible to accurately count the number of people who are willing to pay money digital, said in a research company.

News, ceased to strongly influence the value of the cryptocurrency, like last year, the expert said Chainalysis Kimberly Grauer. She added that over time, the ratio of investment and the current purses stabiliziruemost, it will be an indicator of a maturing market, and volatility will continue to decline.

The company also came to the conclusion that the number of users grows faster than the number of speculators, as the volume of bitcoins on the addresses of various companies such as trading platforms, grew by 93 thousand, while for personal wallets — 1 million.

Earlier analytical company Diar published a report according to which since January, the bitcoin trading volume decreased by 83%. Also, experts found that the number of transactions in the network of bitcoin has fallen to two-year low.

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