Bitcoin will be worth $96 million? The market situation may change


Analysts Statis Group has published a study according to which, after five years of digital money is much more expensive, and others are worthless

In the next few years in the cryptocurrency industry, major changes will occur, I think shervin Dowlath and Michael Hodder from consulting firms Statis Group. They presented the analysis of digital money, which evaluated the coins in terms of quality, not market dynamics, according to CoinDesk.

The authors of the report predicted the course of popular cryptocurrencies in five years. In their opinion, the capitalization of bitcoin to rise to $1.5 trillion (the entire industry is now worth $226 billion), and the price of a coin will exceed $96 thousand. The value of Monero will reach $18 million, and Cash of Bitcoin falls to $268.

Cryptocurrency with a unique, deep and popular markets should rise sharply, analysts say. And the money that follow a recognizable brand and provide minimal technological advantage for those who are behind them, will fail. One of the most negative forecasts on the token Ripple. His price may fall to the level of $0.01.

“We see the potential in networking with organic growth and development of community (like LTC). The decline will occur in networks which have adopted the brand awareness and for a short time gained recognition as a result of problems of its predecessor (like BCH). The worst value of projects with deceptive marketing, where tokens are not needed even in a private network (like XRP)”, — experts say.

They stressed that Ethereum is still undervalued, despite the liquidity and reputation of the cryptocurrency. However, most start-UPS will move to other blackany, and the number of projects created on this platform will be significantly reduced in the next ten years.

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