Bitfinex has been creating a decentralized exchange based on EOS


On Friday, September 14, Bitfinex, the leading exchanges from Hong Kong, published in Twitter an important message about the launch of a decentralized trading platform, which will be held in the coming months.

EOSfinex will facilitate a highly scalable network of peer-to-peer value exchange, unconstrained by borders and built around a foundation of transparency, speed and integrity. Read the story in full below.

— Bitfinex (@bitfinex) September 13, 2018

“EOSfinex will facilitate the creation of highly scalable P2P network sharing, built on the basis of transparency, higher productivity, and integrity.”

More information about the launch EOSFinex was outlined in the company blog. The publication of cryptocurrency, the exchange noted its desire for the early launch of the platform, noting that EOSFinex will be “high-performance decentralized exchange based on technology”.

Thus, to achieve a reduction of the time frame of the search block and high TPS, the company uses blockchain EOS DPOS consensus mechanism.

To accomplish this ambitious plan, the exchange intends to build EOSFinex based on three main characteristics. The first is decentralization, the second is trust, which to some extent is associated with decentralization. The launch of the project involves the creation of transparent and auditable network. And last but not least is performance, which may become the most ambitious component.

We will remind, EOS runs through the system of the 21 delegates chosen by the community, and has a number of pros and cons. This mechanism of consensus, the blockchain allows EOS to work much faster than traditional (PoW), making it the ideal choice for decentralized marketplaces.

After its launch EOSFinex will support three main couples, including EOS/USD, BTC/USD and ETH/USD. Because the exchange is decentralized, this will allow users to add new pairs on demand, as a contract, a support platform is “flexible”.

The beta version of the platform will be presented on 26 September at the Blockchain Live in London.

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