Bitfinex has confirmed the deposits in the Fiat


Bitfinex has confirmed the deposits in the Fiat

One of the largest kryptomere, a week ago professed lack of any liquidity problems and banks, has confirmed that the replenishment of accounts of users in Fiat currencies is temporarily suspended.

“Bitfinex temporarily suspended the accounts of users in Fiat currencies, we expect that the problem will be solved within a week”, — said the press service of the exchange in response to the request of edition of The Block.

The message says nothing about the withdrawal and States that all other functions of the exchanges are working normally. The causes of the difficulties faced by the users is also not known.

Recall that at the end of last week the crypto currency exchange has issued a separate statement refuting rumours about alleged liquidity problems, banking services. The message was supported with references to the addresses of the wallets with the stocks exchanges in cryptocurrency, however, Fiat money was told that to withdraw Fiat working fine.

Note that the rumors about problems with Bitfinex circulate for a long time. Periodically, the social networks pop up and the user complaints on the problems with the withdrawal of Fiat, which, however, while official confirmation is not received.

Meanwhile, of Bitfinex automatically raise questions about provision and the future of Tether which is associated with this exchange.

By the end of the week on most kryptomere, where the pair is provided with Tether, bitcoin was trading at a premium. The size of the award of October 12 ranged from $106 for Bitfinex to $60-70 for other exchanges.

The exception to this rule was the crypto currency exchange Kraken, which, along with USDT presented and piatogo pairs against the US dollar.

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