Bitfinex has implemented a framework Honey for algorithmic trading


Cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex announced today the release of Honey Framework, a tool designed to create complex trading algorithms and order execution on the trading floor.

Honey Framework allows you to create trading bots and custom types of trades. The functionality of the framework Honey on the stock exchange is still limited to algorithmic library order (Algorithmic Order library) — tools with open source codes for reference programmable trade and order settings.

Library of algorithmic orders now includes three types of algorithms orders:

  • TWAP (Time-Weighted-Average-Price) distribution of a warrant of execution time;
  • Iceberg — the execution of large orders in small lots, which allows you to hide the scale of the activity of trading on the exchange, minimizing the impact on orderbook;
  • Accumulate/Distribute — breakdown of large orders on randomination lots, as well as customization of order execution in accordance with market events in a particular moment in time.

Next month Bitfinex promises to present a new Honey functional Framework, which allows you to create and test a set of strategy based on historical data.

Framework Honey will give a lot of flexibility to traders and contribute to the quality execution of large orders with the best prices, control of execution and weighting of market risk.

We will note, recently edition of the Wall Street Journal reported that trading bots and the algorithms to manipulate the exchange rate of cryptocurrencies and their influence on the market of digital assets continues to grow every day.

We will remind, the stock exchange Nasdaq intends to provide institutional investors a tool for analyzing and cryptocurrency market, which uses machine learning and algorithms for natural language processing to collect data in social networks and open sources of information to provide investors with accurate predictions of the market behavior of financial instruments.

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