Bitfinex said that the completion accounts in Fiat running again


Bitfinex said that the completion accounts in Fiat running again

A crypto currency exchange, a situation which has been the driver of the recent fall stablon Tether, apparently, managed to solve the issue with the banking services.

What the Bank now cooperates Bitfinex, nothing is said. The message promises a “new and improved replenishment system of accounts” in the dollar, the pound, the Euro and the yen.

The system will function in the following way — verified user wishing to replenish the balance in the Fiat must create a corresponding request in which specify the amount and currency.

After checking your account (which can take up to 48 hours), the user will receive a message in which, in particular, are the banking details for the transaction. The amount credited to the account will take 6 to 10 business days to two weeks. Minimum Deposit amount — $10 thousand, the fee for processing the transaction — 0,1%.

Recall that Bitfinex announced the replenishment balances in Fiat only after the news have spread widely on social networks. The message appeared after only a week after the crypto currency exchange said the lack of any problems with banks liquidity and withdrawal of funds, which made the situation even more nervous.

The result of this was the collapse stablon Tether on 14-15 October. The result USDT some time traded on several exchanges, the dollar and other pegged to the dollar stabilium a discount, which reached 10%. A side effect of this fall was the growth of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin trading on Bitfinex c premium compared to other cryptomeria, the rate crossed the mark of $7500.

Another result of this story was the switching of a number of kryptomere on other regulated dollar stabilini. Yesterday about the intention to add to the listing True USD USDCoin, Gemini Dollar, and Paxos Standard announced a major crypto currency exchange OKEx.

Today, her example was followed by Huobi (the same four stablon) and BitPay decided to add the Gemini Dollar and Circle Centre Top.

Another result of yesterday can be called a statement of the Issuer Tether that stabilin provided Vietnam USD in full. However, auditing data that would confirm this statement, we have not yet seen.

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