Bitfinex team has suspended deposits in Fiat currencies


Cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex has suspended the Deposit of funds in four Fiat currencies: pound sterling, us dollar, Euro and yen. According to unconfirmed information, the escrow service will be restored within weeks.

The actions of employees Bitfinex cause a lot of issues, especially in light of the recent news about the cooperation of the exchange with Puerto Rican Bank Noble Bank despite the rumors of his poor financial position. There was also the information that Bitfinex uses the services of the HSBC Bank, through its partner company Global Trading Solutions.

This week representatives of the exchange, issued a statement in which he said about the financial stability of the company and denied speculation about the suspension of the service to withdraw Fiat currency from the trading platform. In particular, the staff of Bitfinex stated the following:

“Our trading platform as most other cryptocurrency exchanges, is experiencing temporary difficulties with transactions in Fiat currencies. We try to minimize the execution time of money transfers”.

It’s possible that I was suspended in connection with the change of banking partner Bitfinex. At the moment, official information on this issue is missing so we can’t say anything for sure. However, the confidence of clients in the reliability of the company is shaken and there are reasons for this!

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