Bitfury has created a coffee machine that accepts bitcoins through a network of Lightning


Blockchain company Bitfury has provided the world with a coffee machine that can connect to a payment network Lightning for easy bitcoin payment product.

The payment Protocol of the second level Lightning Network allows instant transactions between the participating nodes and provides a solution to the problem of scaling bitcoin. As a result, the machine can quickly adopt bitcoin without the high commissions. Lightning machine communicates using a special device with built-in smart-components. It consists of a Raspberry Pi computer and chip, developed by a team LightningPeach for transaction processing. The team modified the coffee maker, which already had the ability to connect to the Internet, allowing access to the network was relatively simple.

According to the head of community LightningPeach, Vasily Grigorovich, the strategic goal of the team was the creation of a real infrastructure for faster payments in bitcoin:

“Thanks to the small computer and our chip, which does not require large time and money much easier to pay for the product in bitcoins than in Fiat via credit card. You don’t need anything except for your smartphone”

The head of the team, Pavel Prikhodko, explained that the chip can be mounted on other devices:

“The same way we can connect any device offline or online. We want to create our infrastructure opened the way for the companies who want to enter into the cryptocurrency market. We want to make the road easy… Cheap chips can be installed in most vending machines, so to pay in bitcoin you will easily be able, for example, universities or shopping centers, if you have bitcoin wallets that support Lightning”

Users can scan a QR code on the screen of the device using a smartphone, which is connected to the wallet with bitcoin. Then the system will take $ 2 for a Cup of coffee about 15 800 Satoshi.
While the coffee machine LightningPeach remained in the office Bitfury, and the company has no plans for mass production of the device. Grigorovich explains that it was created as an example to prove the compatibility of Lightning with vending machines:

“We are still thinking if we should scale the production or just keep the coffee machine on the memory… But in this we cooperate with many companies all over the world in order to understand how the retail sector could use Lightning. Coffee is just one example”

Developer of software and hardware for Bitcoins, Bitfury Group, is the largest company outside of China. For more than two years the company has been supporting the development and implementation of a network of Lightning, add-ins, Bitcoin, which is regarded by experts as the next step in the evolution of the blockchain.

The first documented purchase of real product in the network Lightning was recorded on 20 January this year when a Reddit user /u/btc_throwaway1337 purchased a VPN router through the payment system TorGuard.

In March of this year, Lightning Labs has released a beta client Lightning for the main Bitcoin network, by which users got the ability to make bitcoin transactions out of the blockchain. Also last week, the company Lightning Labs has announced the release of a new version of the application client with a light Neutrino.

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