Bithumb has launched a decentralized exchange


Bitria “news” Bithumb has launched a decentralized exchange

The crypto currency exchange Bithumb opened the site Bithumb DEX and at launch customers will be provided free of transaction until November 15, and the allocation of funds by airdrops in the amount of $100,000 (ETH 500) until 30 October.

In the period of free transactions traders will be able to trade without commissions, but will have to pay a fee in Ethereum. As for Airdrop, the first 1000 active traders for the past 2 weeks will receive a reward. The first is listed a reward of 50 ETH, 2 – ETH 30, 3 – 15 ETH and down the table as described on the website. From November 1, will begin the distribution of funds among the participants.

Bithumb DEX offers an alternative trading platform for investors and traders who are adherents of the blockchain technology. Bithumb DEX uses the security inherent in blockchain technology, and high volume of transactions offered by the technology relay, culminating in a trustworthy, transparent and safe trading environment.

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