Bithumb managed to negotiate with the Bank and resume the registration of new users


Bithumb managed to negotiate with the Bank and resume the registration of new users

One of the largest kryptomere Bithumb managed to convince the South Korean Bank Nonghyup to re-engage, and after a pause length in a month renew the registration of users.

The Bank argued that Bithumb pledged to eliminate the problems with observance of norms and rules of activities stipulated by the legislation of the country. For Nonghyup Bank this was a key condition of resuming cooperation.

As reported Hash#Telegraph earlier, in late July, the Bank refused to renew the cooperation agreement with Bithumb, as a result, the exchange has faced a number of problems and, in particular, was forced to suspend the registration of new users.

“We decided not to renew the contract because Bithumb still have problems with the protection of clients ‘confidential information and prevention of money laundering”, — said the representative of the Bank.

According to observers, statements about the security issues were an echo of the recent hacking of the exchange. Recall Bithumb hacked in the night from 19 to 20 June. It was the second case in a month of hacking South Korean stock exchange in early June of $40 million as the result of a cyber-attack has missed Coinrail.

At the end of June Bithumb said that thanks to the prompt reaction has managed to regain almost half, or $13 million stolen by hackers with $30 million

A new contract between the Bank and the exchange will enter into force on 30 August, however, at the local market there has been a small revival.

Bithumb among the five largest daily trading volume exchanges, according to Coinmarketcap, this figure exceeds $360 million.

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