Bitmain announced BM1391 — energy efficient 7 nm ASIC chip for bitcoin mining


During the event, Digital World Mining Summit in Tbilisi, the Bitmain company specializing in the production of equipment for mining, introduced a new model integrated circuit (ASIC) BM1391 for mining bitcoin. The new chip uses the hash algorithm SHA-256 created on the basis of 7 nm process technology and contains “more than one billion of transistors”.

However, most of the technical characteristics of new items CEO and co-founder of Bitmain, Czigany Have to disclose. The exception was energy efficiency — according to Wu, during testing of the chip, the figure had reached the impressive figure of 42 j/TX (42 W/Th/s), nearly 2.5 times more effective compared to the previous generation chip,working in Antminer S9 and best of all the current developments of the competitors.

Today it is known only that BM1391 will soon go into mass production and will be the basis for future models of the brand Antminer.

We will remind, on the eve of the new model presented ASIC and the company Bitfury, which is also more than two years did not renew their mining technology. 14-nanometer chip Bitfury Clarke boasts energy efficiency to 55 MJ/GC (55 W/Th/s) and hasraton to 120 GC/c. The minimum voltage for the power supply is 0.3 V. Now, however, from again behind the new Bitmain, although the 14 nm process technology are cheaper to design and manufacture.

In addition, in July the Japanese giant GMO announced the launch of a new model device for mining on 7 nm chips — GMO miner B3. Like its predecessor, GMO Miner B2, the new model uses 7 nm ASIC chips GMO72b that support the hashing algorithm SHA256. If the hashing power of the model B2 is 24 Th/s, it reaches 33 B3 TX/s, however, the energy efficiency of the chip is about 80 W/Th/s leaves much to be desired in comparison with the novelties presented above.

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